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Since 1991, Benchmark Publications, Inc. has been a driving force for quality in the production of Military Newcomer Guides, Telephone Directories and Maps. Our principals have been in the industry for over 30 years, giving Benchmark the necessary skills and knowledge to produce top notch publications.

Benchmark encourages quality to both the military and local businesses. This is demonstrated through efficient, reliable and credible staff that work to make a quality product. Your success depends on collaborating with the right mix of dedicated quality people.

Partnered with a cutting-edge "One Stop, Full Service" Production Facility, we can provide our clientele with exceptional service. Our people, equipment and work ethic will be a great asset to your department.

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Most military email servers now have limits on the size of attached files. Some of these limits are as low as 1 Megabyte, which means that the PAO would only be able to transmit about two photos per email. Most newcomer guides include 30 to 60 photos, so the time and effort caused by this restriction can be enormous for the PAO.

PAO can simply use their web browser to upload photos directly to our web site in an easy to use interface and without having to install any special software. Photo captions or special instructions can also be added for each photo submitted.

The information sent would also be more secure as it is password protected and not made available to the
general public.

File Transfer Protocal (FTP)
We also maintain a FTP server that PAO can use to upload files. Mostley used by the experienced users, this is the fastest method of transfering files.

Overnight Delivery
Just in case the above electronic methods are not suitable for PAO, we provide overnight shipping to allow PAO to send us packages at our expense


Our "Updater" program is our newest business solution aimed to assist PAO in the collection of materials necessary to produce your Newcomers’ Guide and Telephone Directory.

All text files related to the publication are made available online for updating by the various commands on base.

First, we request a list from PAO that provides us with the current contact email for each department head responsible for their portion of the book.

We then will send each contact an email notifying them of the requirement to update their data. We would provide the web address, username and password to sign in. With their sign in, they would only have access to the files deemed to be their responsibility to maintain. However, PAO would be given an “Administrative” username and password that allows them full access to all files online giving them complete control of the process.

The files can then be edited online quickly and easily and saved on our servers. We save a log entry for each sign in or error message received for added security.

View DEMO at:


Your printed newcomers' guide is converted for use on a Compact Disk and the internet.





Ensure you printer uses methods that reduces environmentally harmful films and chemicals to protect our planet.

- Direct-to-plate Technology reduces films and chemicals
- Digital proofing reduces paper, film and chemicals
- Recycled paper is used in all of our products
- Soy based inks are used and are more environmentally friendly
- Press hardware and software is used for:
       a) Automatic inking to reduce ink waste
       b) Computerized registration of all colors reduces paper waste
       c) Computerized offset Plate makers reduce waste from improper exposure
           and handling of materials
- Recycling of used and un-usable materials, include the following:
       a) Rejected printed paper, trimmed scraps and other un-usable paper
       b) Used or dirty ink
       c) Metal printing plates